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Friday, August 14, 2009

Updates Galore

Many of you know that back in October I started experiencing pain in between my shoulder blades, on the right side. My doctor sent me to physical therapy and after 9 sessions, my shoulder was beginning to feel better.

I was fine until March. That is when I started experiencing pain on the left side of my neck and it was accompanied by the same nagging pain in between my shoulder blades. So back to the doctor I went. He had me try Davocet, Mobic, and a number of other pain killers and muscle relaxers. None of them even dulled the pain I was experiencing. The doctor sent me back to physical therapy and we worked on adjusting my posture and seating at work. Sadly we are pretty limited in how much we can change within my work environment, due to the fact that I do not work in our office building-I work off-site and there are only certain adjustments we can make to the desk and chair. After a third round of physical therapy and more X-rays there was still no relief and no explanation.

Blood tests were negative for Rheumatoid Arthritis. But apparently blood tests can't rule out ALL types of arthritis. The doctor ordered an MRI. His office called today to relay that the MRI revealed some arthritis and now he is sending me to a Neurosurgeon for treatment options.

The only thing that has given me any kind of relief is something my sister brought me a sample of - Bio Freeze. Now that was RELIEF! Too bad it only lasted for two applications. I need a large vat of that!

More to come on that saga later.

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