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Thursday, August 27, 2009

My daughter's mind

This is one of those stories I just couldn't make up if I tried.

Katherine (she's 8) has a homework assignment she is working on. They are talking about plants and she had to come up with a list of items we use from day to day that are made from plants.

She came up with her list and wrote them down. Now comes the time to draw the pictures of these items. Now, when I first read her list, I admit-I skimmed right over the part where she wrote medicine. I SAW that she wrote medicine, but it didn't stand out to me in any way. Why would it?

So she brings her paper over to me and mumbled something about ' that medicine you take (and then some words I couldn't really understand)'. I said "What?" She started to rephrase it and said "Oh yeah. How do you spell Xanax?"

Nice. I love that girl! Of course, I told her how to spell it. She had drawn a small medicine bottle on her paper (obviously to represent 'medicine' in her list) and she even made a label for it and wanted to write Xanax on the label. She assured me that it was small enough no one would really see it anyway.

I found the whole thing quite amusing, so I had to share. We don't hide things here in the Bishop household...obviously. And now that I think back, she probably asked "What's that medicine you take that makes you not get angry?"

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