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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Mamma Mia!

When I first watched this movie, I was extremely critical of it. Kris had taken me to the Fabulous Fox Theatre to see Mamma Mia when it was in St. Louis last. It was AMAZING! Absolutely the funnest and funniest musical I have ever seen. I was in love with the music and story before I ever saw the musical. When I saw the musical, questions were answered and even some of the songs took on a different meaning than what I had imagined, just listening to the music.

So naturally I was excited when I heard they were making the movie. I thought that if it turned out anything liked Phantom of the Opera turned out that it would be awesome! I think that the movie version of that musical was as close to the real thing as you could get.

Kris took me to see the movie. It was a horrible disappointment. The acting was sub-par in my mind. And the songs just weren't as 'moving' as they are on the soundtrack or live. And then, then I heard Meryl Streep singing. It wasn't awful, but it wasn't good either. Her voice just didn't do the songs justice. But I tolerated it. I thought, well that's ok - I can get over that and enjoy the movie. And then I heard Pierce Brosnan sing. I felt the urge to get up and leave the theater. He sounded horrible. It sounded like he was trying too hard to force his voice to hit the right notes and his voice in general just didn't fit. I couldn't believe that they actually produced the movie with him as Sam. The movie was a HUGE let down. I had hoped it would be good so that I could own it and pull it out whenever I needed an Abba fix and enjoy the story all over again. But from the first few notes that came out of Brosnan's voice, I knew I wouldn't be owning THAT adaptation of Mamma Mia.

But last night I stopped by the library. I wanted to have some movies to watch, as I have a night to myself tonight. I saw Mamma Mia and I just really wanted to experience the 'story' and the music again. I thought that perhaps I had been too critical and maybe, just maybe if I watched it again, I would realize that I was just overly critical.

So I gave it another try. You know what? Pierce Brosnan still sounds just as bad! Meryl Streep was tolerable, like the first time I watched it - but overall I still felt like the movie was a disappointment. Am the ONLY person that thought that Pierce Brosnan was horrible in this movie, specifically his singing? Really? Did no one else HATE listening to him?

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