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Saturday, July 19, 2008


It's not quite 9pm yet and my house is quiet, except for the Veggie Tales video playing in the background. We have two extra people here for the night. Cindy and Dean have gone on vacation for 10 days so Kris' brother, Brandon, is staying with us. He will go to his adult daycare during the weekdays but then be here the rest of the time until they return. He's pretty easy to manage. He doesn't talk and he enjoys watching movies and playing video games and that is pretty much how he spends his time.

I was able to work it out so my friend Faith would watch my kids tomorrow night so that Kris and I can go out. I am watching her four-year-old Abbie tonight. I decided to just keep her all night so that when Kris gets home from playing basketball neither one of us will have to get out and take her home. She's out cold on the couch, which surprised me. Almost as soon as I put the video in for her to watch she fell asleep. It only seemed fair that we keep her all night since Faith only has one kid and will have to watch all four of mine tomorrow night.

I HATE LAUNDRY! I am going back to the same old complaint...laundry. It torments me. It's always there. It's unending. The absolute last thing I want to do on the weekend is my laundry, oh and the laundry of 5 other people! Perhaps it sounds horrible but I cannot WAIT until my kids are old enough to do the laundry. Of course...they would also have to be at an age where I trust them with it...so I guess I still have another 20 years or so...

I am sad that the weekend is so quickly drawing to a close. Only one more full day. When I was a stay-at-home mom, I never really noticed the weekends, except that Kris was home. The days all blurred together. I was home during the week, and I was home on the weekend. Now, I am gone more than I am home, and so I just LOVE being home. And to know that tomorrow is my last day to chill out at home is hard to accept. But only two days of work next week...

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