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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Almost the weekend.

I am glad tomorrow is Friday. I love Fridays. They are the end of the work week - well sometimes! They are the beginning of the weekend - regardless of whether I choose to work on Saturdays. Friday means I get to wear JEANS or capris now that the weather is getting better. Side bar-Kris has sneezed about 20 times consecutively and is now officially annoying me. Back to Fridays. I love Fridays.

This last week was finally calm after a crazy week/weekend prior to now. Livvy started having problems with her asthma LAST Tuesday night. Ended up in the ER Thursday night. Her steroid had kicked in by the time we got there so we were just sent home. The next day she was feverish and stayed home with me. That night she began coughing so fiercely we could not decide if we should call 911 or just take her to the ER ourselves. She coughed for 30 minutes straight. It was scary-we opted to drive her to the ER and by the time we got there (due to the cold air we would later learn). Turns out she has croup. You can tell she is still fighting it. She has had trouble dragging herself out of bed all week...but then again, that's me every day so maybe that is more biological than some sickness!

Saturday night I am having some friends over for a little gathering. My sister will be here to do Henna on anyone who wants it. She's really talented. Check out her website: www.kalaofindia.com for more information. I should ask her if I said it right-I mean, do you 'DO' Henna, or do you 'GET' Henna, like you would get a tattoo? If she is doing it, is she giving it, and not doing it? I don't know. I'm not current on the Henna lingo.

Kris and I spend our evenings together (after the kids finally quit making excuses and go to sleep!) playing on Facebook on our laptops and catching up on favorite shows. We have recently started watching Lie to Me (I think it's ok/enjoyable), Kings (we've only seen the first two episodes and so far I am not liking it-not hating it though), and my newest favorite is Life on Mars. Big Bang Theory is GREAT too! If you have not seen this show-check it out!

Things I am currently enjoying on Facebook:

I am ALWAYS up for a game (or 5) of Scrabble.

Mafia Wars is strangely addicting...and I get just a little bit anxious if I run out of energy and am kicking myself for not choosing the 'character' that regenerates energy faster.

Texas Hold 'Em - fun game that I am loving learning to play!

Things I think are dumb or just do not understand on Facebook:

YoVille. It is so limiting. When you have played every Sims game (PS and PS2 for us and now Wii) it's hard to really enjoy YoVille. There is so much you can do in the Sims games and I find myself bored and annoyed with YoVille. Kris just checked it out too and agrees that it is stupid. I apologize to those of you who like it. I just don't see the point of it and thing it is too basic and there is too little that you can actually do.

There's my boring Bishop update.

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  1. I prefer the term "getting your henna did".