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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Sympathetic? Not me.

I have a problem. I cannot seem to sympathize with sick people or people in pain, unless they are my kids. Sick people annoy me. Let me clarify...sick people that I am around on a regular basis annoy me-while they are sick. Not sick, not a problem. Kris had two teeth pulled yesterday. I had been gearing myself up for it since Friday. The weekend itself was a battle because SOMEONE didn't tell me about the appt. or give me any details until after the businesses were closed for the day (same SOMEONE didn't check with me before scheduling either so I had to wait until Monday to cancel an appt. I already had scheduled for Kaleb). I also had to wait until Monday morning to find out details, because as most men seem to do, Kris forgot to ask anything which made me anxious throughout the entire weekend.

So I got home yesterday and saw the kids safely from the bus to the house. Then we went to the library, returned some stuff (ON TIME!) and checked out a few items as well. After that, we went to Subway and picked that up for dinner, then to Walgreen to get chips to go with our subs. Then it was off to pick Olivia up. We got home and dished out dinner and put something on to watch and the kids got to eat out in the living room, which is usually only reserved for movie night.

Kris came home shortly after and of course, annoyed me. You know why? Because he started talking. And he had gauze in his mouth. And the sound annoyed me. What is wrong with me? There is NO rational explanation for this. Instead of being kind to him and making sure he didn't need anything, I told him that he should stop talking. As I began with, I have a problem! I told him to stop talking, not once, but twice. He and Kaleb went downstairs shortly after (I wonder why...) to watch a movie and the girls for the most part stayed upstairs with me.

Around 8pm Kaleb came upstairs asking about something, but I told him it was time to get ready for bed. He sat down on the couch and I said "Is Daddy sleeping?" And Kaleb said "He's resting." And I think I said something like, "Yeah I bet he's just resting." or something sarcastic...as resting and sleeping are synonymous and I hate when Kris tries to distinguish between the two. And what does Kaleb do? His jaw drops in shock and I wish I could remember exactly what he said, but he basically gave me a lecture on how Daddy NEEDED to rest because he had teeth pulled. It was humbling, kind of. I just laughed. I told the kids that it was good that they gave him sympathy since I didn't!

I put the kids in bed and proceeded to clean the kitchen and living room. I made the kids' lunches for today. I washed Livvy's school blankets and was extremely careful not to make any noise and wake Kris up. That in and of itself was a BIG DEAL for me. I wouldn't even let the kids go downstairs to give him hugs and kisses because I didn't want them to wake them up. So at this point I am feeling pretty good. I haven't tried to get his attention, I haven't asked him to help me with anything...I have been supportive and understanding and let him rest downstairs. While this might come naturally to everyone else out there, it does not come naturally for me. I have to work really hard to have a good attitude about that kind of thing. And though I started out negatively, I got my act together and left him alone...and to top it all off, I didn't sit upstairs mad about it either, which is unlike me also. I'm bearing my soul here people...I'm not a nice person sometimes.

So I finally sat down and found myself glad that I had grabbed Mystery Science Theater 3000 from the library because with Kris sleeping downstairs we wouldn't be watching any of our shows together. So I stuck that in and worked for a couple of hours. It was funny too by the way. I watched "Attack of the Killer Leeches"-I think that is what it was called. And then I took my medicine, read a chapter in a book and went to sleep.

All in all I would consider it a success! I felt good about how I had handled the whole thing, as sad as that is. Ok...I didn't feel good about the part where I told him to stop talking...but after he went downstairs...I handled it all very well. I don't foresee God calling me to be a nurse anytime in the near future though! You know those mean nurses you sometimes get in the hospital? That would probably be me. I'd probably be annoyed every time a call light came on. I mean, how dare that person who just had their gall bladder out need a glass of water? Yeah...I'm not sure why he married me either sometimes. Feel free to feel sorry for Kris. He puts up with a LOT! He's a very good man and I am blessed to have him in my life, even though sometimes I do not know how to show that to him, especially when he is sick or in pain!

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  1. This man loves his wife no matter how anxious other people not feeling well makes her. Thank you for letting me rest last night. I really appreciate it!