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Sunday, April 5, 2009


...I don't have any. At all. Especially with people who annoy me. Sometimes I can tolerate things. On a good day, I can get by without too much annoyance. On a bad day, there is absolutely nothing that DOESN'T annoy me. Noises really annoy me. Certain ones. People clipping their fingernails. In church, at work, at home. I don't care where-I cannot stand that sound. Though it does make me slightly more agitated when people clip their nails in church or in the cubicle next to me. I cringe just thinking about it now.

Other sounds that annoy me:

Jingling change-here's my question on this one. Do those who enjoy putting their hands in their pocket and feeling around, moving the coins around fill their pockets every day with hundreds of dollars in change just so that they can jingle it?

Coughing-I KNOW people can't help it. I KNOW people don't do it just to annoy me. I KNOW it isn't a personal vendetta against me. But I HATE coughing. Ask my sister. Ask my husband. Shoot, ask me-I can't stand myself when I cough! I annoy myself. That's pretty bad!

Breathing-not just your normal every day breathing. I mean, that would just be a really stupid thing to be annoyed at, wouldn't it? But what about breathing where you are sitting near (not right next to) someone. The TV is on. They are reading a book. You are trying to concentrate on LOST. And all you can hear is heavy breathing. Loud breathing. Louder than the TV. And it isn't just a once in a while thing. It's all the time!

I've been annoyed a lot today. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day.

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  1. LOL I can identify with some of these. My husband Andy *hates* the sound of me filing my nails. I think it's as bad as nails on a chalkboard to him. Coughing in a quiet area annoys me too. We went to visit my family this Easter weekend so we went to Eastview for Sunday morning services. Anyway, at the second service, I couldn't tell you half of what Rick said! The church was so LOUD! It was driving all of us crazy. I think they should put cough drops outside the doors so people who have issues with that for whatever reason could use them and spare some of us. LOL Also, it was like the nursery didn't even exist. I think it's good for kids to be in the large service sometimes but not if they're that loud! So glad I read this post. And I thought I was easily annoyed. LOL Andy hates loud breathing too. He notices the smallest noises in movie theatres that I don't even hear.

    I think my biggest downfall is my patience while driving. Indianapolis is a pretty big city, and I live in Castleton so it's a really congested area. I'm used to it, but all the driving I do during the day just to commute can stress me out even after a good day at work! It doesn't help that I like to drive fast too.