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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Signs, signs everywhere there's signs...

Tonight is our last night in Pennsylvania.  It has been a great vacation and wonderful that I haven't worked at all!  That is a great feat...as I am kind of a work-a-holic.  It wasn't as difficult to stay away though as I thought it was going to be.  Though I did log in once to monitor my email but I didn't do any actual work.

Pennsylvania LOVES their signs.  There are signs everywhere, hence my brilliant title for this post.  The signs are ridiculous too.  Some of them are legitimate.  Some of them are just pointless.  "No shoulder in 2/10 of a mile."  "Are your headlights on?"  "Turn your headlights on.  State law."  All of the signs we saw now explain why we had to pay $11 to drive on the PA Turnpike!  I'll try to get some pictures of the signs as we head back to OH tomorrow.  I found myself amused by all the signs...we've thrown around a lot of jokes this week due to the large amount of signs.  

We went to Hershey World today.  The theme park was closed but we were able to go to the Hershey Musuem-that is not its actual name but it is escaping me at this time.  Milton Hershey was an amazing man.  Reading about how he went from bankruptcy to building a company and a town...it was pretty cool.  The younger kids weren't that interested in it but Katherine was absorbing it all.  I was disappointed to learn that they haven't allowed tours of the Hershey Factory since the 1970's.  However, Hershey World made up for it because they had this little tour that showed you how the factory operates and that was interesting, and geared more towards kids, which meant that it was much more interesting to them than the factory tour would have been.

I am going to try to post a slide show of pictures from our trip on here-we'll see if I am able to get that done.

Overall it has been a great vacation.  I'm sad to see it draw to a close.  Oh and we got to find out that Olivia shares Katherine's car sickness...as soon as we got into West Virginia and the roads got hilly and curvy...fun times!  So we now have two children we have to drug with Dramamine before going on trips.

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