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Friday, March 20, 2009

On the road again...

This is probably the most interesting day of travel I have ever experienced. It is probably more interesting to me than anyone else, and I can't really explain why I find it so interesting...I just do. The driving today has gone by extremely slow...we've had long pit stops, got on the road late. It just seems to be dragging. That, however, is not what I find so interesting. What I find interesting is that we started in Pennsylvania, then we drove through Maryland to avoid the PA turnpike and tolls (MARYLAND WAS BEAUTIFUL!), then into West Virginia for a bit (also beautiful!), then BACK into Pennsylvania and are about half an hour away from OH! That's a lot of states to travel through in just 4 hours! The hills in Pennsylvania are also beautiful-I was not intentionally leaving that out. This whole 'region' is full of God's beauty.

I am also admitting how much of a geek I am. I am pretty excited to be blogging while Kris drives. He found a way for me to use my cell phone as a modem (for FREE) and so I am connected to the internet while we drive. Through Maryland/West Virginia the signal wasn't very strong but I am back online now and writing about it and am amused by being able to do this.

We are going to wind up in Dublin, OH much later than we had planned or wanted, but there isn't really any rush so it's ok. We are just hoping we gain enough distance on Cindy and Dean (they were ahead of us earlier) to get to the hotel before they do, since the hotel was reserved in our name. And I am really hoping we get there in time to take the kids to the pool one last time. Though the speed limit has just gone down from 70 to 55 which doesn't make us happy! Oh well...tomorrow is going to be a lazy day for us. The Drury Inn always lets us have a late (noon) check out so we plan to sleep in, enjoy their breakfast buffet, and take our time in the morning. It will take us almost 7 hours to get home tomorrow, but we will gain an hour on the way back so that will be nice too. Even with longer stops along the way, if we get on the road by noon we should be home no later than 8pm tomorrow night.

I don't have much to say. I can always tell because I bore myself. So I will stop boring you now too!

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  1. Sounds like you guys are having fun! And I'm a dork enough to appreciate how cool it is that you are posting this while riding in the car! :) Enjoy your vacation!