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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Smoking: Should I Start?

So lately I have been wondering about the question that prompted today's subject line.


I am not seriously considering smoking.

I'm just thinking...if it would help with my anxiety, and if it would help me maintain my weight...well...what's the harm??

Oh yeah...cancer. Yellow teeth. For me, blood clots. So perhaps it isn't the best idea...


I like the song "Johnny and June". It makes me smile.

The other day we were getting Livvy ready for school and I had her in a jumper and white shirt. And she kept calling it a 'jump rope'. It was really cute.

I am perplexed. We took Livvy to the doctor today to talk about her blood test results from her hospital stay. The fact that the had us come into the office instead of discussing it over the phone led me to believe there was a lot to talk about.

Boy was I wrong. Her blood test came back negative. They tested her for trees, grass, mold, and nuts. Not allergic to any of them. Now the doctor did say that she was really too young to do that blood test but from what they could tell she wasn't allergic to anything. He didn't realize he hadn't tested her for cats and dogs, so that one is still up in the air. So her 'allergies' are not contributing to her asthma. So what does this mean?

We still can't give her peanut butter or nuts. The doctor wanted us to go see an allergist before giving clearance to give her those things. Specifically with peanut butter, Livvy breaks out in hives wherever it touches her. There are other food items that have the same result. Ranch dressing, sometimes. Dog saliva too I believe. I am not upset that she tested negative-just confused. She was very clearly choking the last time we consciously gave her peanut butter. I took it away and started giving her benadryl right away and she ended up being just fine. But in addition to choking that time, she had hives almost all over her body. So if she isn't allergic, why is she breaking into hives??? I don't get it. So strange...


  1. if you start smoking, i will totally drive out to st. louis and beat the life out of you!!!!!!!!! i've had one helluva time trying to quit!!!!!!

    Epic Love,
    Chad Evan Beasley

  2. Hang in there - things will get better. My moto these days are "Things won't be like this forever!" Sometimes easier said than done. Oh and Wellbutrin is the best weight loss drug I've ever been on - makes you feel much better than smoking :)