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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Hospitals with Wi-Fi...

...get two thumbs up.

Last night WAS NOT a good night. AFTER I got home with my brand new .68 master point! We went to bed around 1:30am. I woke up around 4am to hear Kris giving Livvy a breathing treatment and Livvy's shallow, fast breathing could be heard back in my room. Apparently her screaming woke Kris up-so odd that I didn't hear it.

He brought her into the bedroom around 4:15am and her breathing was still pretty bad after the treatment so we decided we should take her to the ER. So up I got, got dressed, brushed my teeth, grabbed my purse and out the door we were by 4:30am. We went to Depaul Hospital, which is only about 12-15 minutes from our house. They didn't even bother registering us. They almost immediately took us right back to a room and started an hour long breathing treatment. They want the oxygen level to be OVER 95 and Livvy's was staying down around 91. They did a second treatment a while later and around 8:30am told me they wanted to admit her to the hospital for 'in-house' treatment. For whatever reason, they said we had to go to a different hospital, so I chose St. Lukes Hospital, where all of the kids were born, despite it's distance from our house, which is still only about 20-25 minutes away.

And I guess hospital policy dictates that they have to transfer by ambulance, instead of me driving her. So I left my car at Depaul and we rode in the ambulance over to St. Lukes. It was interesting. They strapped a car seat onto the stretcher then put her into the car seat. They already had a room ready for us so we came straight up. Talk about GOOD treatment! Both hospitals impressed me.

While Livvy's breathing is better and more under control, her oxygen level is not stabilizing just yet. They said if they have to give her oxygen she may have to stay longer than one night. She was getting used to everything until they put the oxygen thing in her nose and she has been restless and cranky and trying to rip it off her face ever since. Poor thing...we are hoping to let her walk around for a bit-they said we could have her off the oxygen for maybe 10-15 minutes. Should be an interesting time...

**UPDATE-I wanted to add something. At one point, Livvy said extremely cute and pathetically "It's not mine!". I said 'What's not yours?' And she pointed to the oxygen tubes in her nose. It was really funny. She said it as if she expected me to remove them simply because they were not hers; therefore they did not belong in her nose! It was really funny.

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  1. Am praying for you..sheesh, what a roller coaster. Had to go to the ER myself 2 weeks ago for a treatment...Frustrating. I feel for Miss Livvy!!!