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Friday, August 1, 2008

New month, new blog

August 1. Just a little longer and then we will enjoy the sweet, cool, crispness of fall! I LOVE fall! I think I blog about this every year. I can't wait for fall!

I'm extremely tired tonight, so I will try to keep this short. It's been a crazy, busy week. Today we did some job switching at work, so it took some adjusting at work today, which wasn't easy with a two hour vendor lunch that kept me out of the office. I realized today how nice it is to work at the office in Fenton where I work. Kris works down in the city and I work off-site in Fenton, in one of our client's buildings. I have my own cubicle with a very large desk, two computer screens, lots of space and a nice cushy computer chair. Today I was in for a RUDE awakening working in the city. Because I am never there, I get all the mix and match furniture and things that no one wants or needs. I suppose it makes sense though since, as I said, I am never there. I think in the last 5 months I have worked 'on-site' two times! All that to say it was a difficult day as far as being productive. I mean, I was productive. I set up 22 claims today, and dispatched 13 of them. I kept up with my email and the adjuster alerts. I realize most people don't know what any of that means, but it doesn't really matter...I'm just talking... Right at the end of the day we ended up getting another 10-12 claims that will need to be set up and dispatched. I plan to put in a couple hours tomorrow trying to get everything caught up so that when I get to the office Monday I can feel that things are more manageable.

So I ended a crazy day with a much crazier night. It's all my mother-in-law's fault. Yeah...I know you're reading this-you know it's your fault! :-) It's tax-free weekend of course for school supplies and clothes, so she thought it would be a great idea to go shopping for school supplies. I did not want to. I'm tired...all the time...and tonight was no exception. And we went to Walmart of all places and if you have ever been in a St. Louis Walmart, well, it's just not pretty. It was over-crowded and over-crazy! I totally overuse the word crazy but it seems to fit in so many different aspects of my life. Anyway...$140 and 1 1/2 hours later we left Walmart, still needing ALL of Livvy's school supplies (because we didn't have her list) and a number of items for the olders kids as well. Cindy has offered to go back at 7am to get the remainder of the items on the older kids' lists, so I have decided to just accept her proposal and let her. It's the least she can do for dragging me out with the three girls into chaos, AFTER the kids' bedtime to do shopping I didn't want to do! Don't worry those of you who might think me a bit harsh...she's sitting right here with me and knows I am smiling as I write about this. I'm not really mad...in case anyone is wondering!

Speaking of crazy, I have a little story to share that pretty much proves I use that word too much. Katherine is a lot like me emotionally. Already at 7 years old she will randomly cry for reasons she cannot understand or explain. She's such a girl! The other day I knew she was tired and something set her off and she was just crying away. I was holding her and asked her what was wrong, or if she knew why she was crying. She told me no and then said "I just feel crazy." Hmm...I can't seem to figure out WHERE she would have ever heard something even close to that!

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