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Sunday, February 15, 2009

7 year old Missouri boy charged with theft, forgery and fraud.

Wednesday February 4th, 2009 - St. Louis MO

Parents of Kaleb Bishop were shocked Wednesday to learn that their 7 year old son had stolen a check out of his mother's purse, filled it out and turned it in at school for a book order. The boy's mother received a phone call early Wednesday morning from Kaleb's teacher, concerned about the check he handed in, completely filled out in black marker, and filled out correctly for the most part. The book order was not processed and Kaleb's teacher sent the check back home with Kaleb, who was sentenced to losing his money and writing "I will not steal" 100 times. It is unknown at this time if there will be further punishment.


Of course this was not actually published in any local papers, just on my blog for all the world to see. My son...gotta love him. I'd love to say I was surprised by the above story which is completely true. But I was not surprised. It was SO like him. He told the teacher I wrote the check. She told him that she had a sample of my handwriting and when she told him she could show him he immediately changed his story. Here is how the conversation then went:

Kaleb - My sister Abbey wrote it.

Teacher - Abbey's in Kindergarten right?

Kaleb - Yes.

Teacher - Kindergarteners don't know how to write checks.

Kaleb - Well she's really smart.

Ahh...nice Kaleb. We have finally taken steps towards trying to figure out how we can make our home more peaceful. Kaleb and I went to see a child psychologist Monday night and will go again tomorrow. He seems to enjoy going actually and he was given a little homework assignment, as was I. I am hoping though that I can find a good psychologist closer to our home because I am taking him out to Kirkwood right now and it's a bit much to drive home from the Kirkwood area just to drive back out there a couple of hours later.

I've been intending to get on here and write for some time now-I know I went a long time without doing it. A lot has happened. I've been back on medication since February 4th, and this time was prescribed Xanax (in addition to my Wellbutrin) to help with the anxiety/panic attacks I have been having. It has helped quite a bit. The doctor recommended using it to help me sleep too and it has helped some. Though it is not helping me stay asleep during the night. I have kept a log of when I have taken it, how many, how it affected me, etc...I will be printing that off and taking it back to the doctor when I go back in a week and a half. It was a good decision to get back on medication. I am feeling so much better and enjoying life.

Kris and I celebrated 11 years together (not married) yesterday. Our first date was on Valentine's Day 11 years ago. We had a great time together-the best day we've had together in a very long time. We got to see "He Just Not That into You" last night and I thought it was a great movie. Much better than "New in Town" which was ok, but I just can't stand Renee Zellweger. Today we are surprising the kids with a family date. The $1 theatre out here is showing "Tale of Despereaux" and when we get home (our friend Faith watched the kids overnight so we are at a hotel) we are going to tell the kids to shower and get all dressed up so we can go out. Then we are going to take them to see the movie. I think it will be fun.

I have more to say, pictures to post, etc...but Kris is wanting to go and get breakfast so I must join him.

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  1. Hey, Keith and I went on our first date on Valentines Day 9 years ago! Small world. Ooo, where's this dollar theater? Ours shut down and we have really missed it, especially the kiddos! Enjoy hearing about you guys!