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Monday, July 27, 2009

Nothing to write about

Well, it's not that I haven't had anything to write about. I just haven't had or taken the time to write. For once in our lives though, Kris and I did not procrastinate. With the exception of getting Kleenex, baby wipes and the kids NIV Bible (coming in the mail), we have all the kids' school supplies! SO much easier to do without the kids!

The kids are at my mom and dad's for a few more days. Actually, I don't think they are in Martinsville anymore. They are having "Cousin Camp". Cute huh? All the cousins are together (except little Sophia because she is still a bit young) with Mammaw and Pappaw for a week. I drove them out last Tuesday night and came back home Wednesday night. They are travelling around Indiana, Illinois and Missouri in the RV, wearing my parents our I am sure! But it is so great that they are able to spend some quality time with their cousins; I know they enjoy it.

I'm starting to miss them though. We keep looking at our family pictures and I miss their voices and their faces. It sure is quiet in the house. While I like the quiet, everything just isn't 'right' without them here. When they are here, chaos and all, life is full. But I am going to savor the peace and quiet for the few days I have left! I am extremely grateful to my parents for taking this on huge burden and I hope they survive.

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