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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Funny, funny kids...

My kids are funny. Sometimes life in the Bishop household is extremely stressful. Sometimes the days go by in a blur. And other days, my kids just make me laugh.

The kids decided to avoid bedtime by cleaning. I'm not complaining. The living room got picked up, the kids' rooms were cleaned, the laundry was put into baskets instead of overflowing into the hallway/bathroom and Katherine and Kaleb thought it would be good to clean the toilet.

Tonight on the way home from church we had to stop to let a car by. Livvy in a loud voice said "Crash into her!" Um...no thanks Livvy. It was funny.

After devotions this evening, it was Abbey's turn to pray. She made it a point to drag her prayer out as long as she could, by thanking God for each of us individually by name, and also title (brother, sister, mommy, daddy). And then she asked God to make us not cranky, again individually, naming us off one by one. I couldn't help but laugh and I looked over at her and she was giving me a disapproving look. I apologized and she continued her lengthy prayer.

So many funny things are said and done by these wonderful kids every day and I am so busy that I can't ever record it all. And then by the time I sit down to write about it, I've forgotten most of what they have said.

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