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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Boneman's Daughters

Kris and I are listening to Ted Dekker's newest book, "Boneman's Daughters". We're about 4 hours in (total of 10 or so). It's really good. Thank you Ted Dekker for writing another book that IS the great work I am used to from you! Of course, I have no idea how it will end, but I hope that it will not disappoint. It seems like the last few books ("Adam", "Skin" and "Sinner" in particular) haven't lived up to my expectations for Ted Dekker's brilliance in writing. "Kiss" was pretty good, and this new book is along the same lines, as far as the genre, but so far I like it better than "Kiss".

You should see all the wires we have in the car. Ooh, maybe I should take a picture of our electronic set up here. Ok...I decided to show you what big geeks Kris and I are. There's no denying it. I even edited one picture and put text on it to show what everything is!

This is Kris' phone/speaker set up that is providing our GPS:

Here is a picture of me, blogging (shocker!):

And this, this is the picture that labels what everything is that is keeping us occupied and enjoying our long drive:

And now, now it's time to take some medication because the roads are getting curvy and we're getting into the mountains, and I am REALLY anxious. And the medication is NOT for car sickness, which I am fortunate enough NOT to suffer from.


  1. I get the absolute worst car sickness if I'm not driving. I always take crystallized ginger on trips with me because it's supposed to help. I'm not sure that anything helps that much, though.

  2. I am adding both of those books to my "list" to read. Hope you have a great time on vacation! Relax and enjoy!

  3. I love how you can see you taking the picture in the silvery part of the gear shift! :) You've got a lot going on! I wish car trips were that fun when we were little!